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Six-Word Stories: Summer


June 20, 2017 | Written by Canyon Creative

The days last longer and the nights cool down. Summer means school is out and the sun is shining bright. Summer is when vacations take place and ice cream is a must. This month’s six-word story pays homage to this beloved season. Tell us in six words what summer means to you!

Shedding winter chills for summer’s embrace.

Sweet summer memories last a lifetime.

Sunflower dreams of days gone by.

Sunburn. Heartburn. Believe in spontaneous combustion.

Makeup melting, contacts evaporating, seatbelt branding.

Irrational impulses, brain in summer haze.

Top down, singing along, happy days.

Rubber meets road, radio turns up.

A Summer Odyssey. A camping adventure.  

Fireflies to faeries, glowing summer nights.

So many hours, so little time.

I heat up, no cooling down.  

120 degrees? No thank you, sir. 

Some people glisten, I just sweat. 

Fireflies, starry nights, friends and fun.

Air conditioning is my best friend. 

Sidewalk special: Sunny-side up eggs. 

Summer loving had me a blast. 

Adults need a summer vacation too! 

The ice cream man's favorite season. 

Sunblock, shade, stay hydrated, and repeat. 

Now, it's your turn!
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Written by Canyon Creative

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