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Six-Word Stories: Spooky


October 11, 2017 | Written by Canyon Creative

Shh! Did you hear that? Oh, it was probably just a stray cat scratching at the door or those creaking floorboards you’ve been meaning to fix. Or, was it? October is the time of year when our imaginations get the best of us, so have some fun letting yours take control and tell its own six-word tale. We dare you to scare us!

Clowns are for circuses, not sewers.

I know enough to not believe.

Are you sure we're alone now?

Scary movies with one eye open.

"I'm not scared," he said reluctantly.

What was that? It's probably nothing.

Don't go down into the basement.

Alone in bed. What's that noise?

Fresh meat. Uninfected human. Very tasty.

Don't turn around...right behind you!!!

Mirror, mirror...wait what is that?!!!

The doll's head quickly spun around.

First bite, his heart squirted blood.

In the closet, it breathed quietly.

Monkeys. Damn monkeys. Breeding like rats. knows you are here.

Red eyes watched from the closet.

The blanket moved, all by itself.

Ghosts lingered over the dead body.

"Don't move," it said. Oh, no.

Dead eyes watched me, blinking slowly.

Crunch. And then the screaming started.

Home video. Don't watch. You did.

The door slammed. I'm home alone.

She whispered from under the bed.

One last bullet for good measure. 

Here's a tip, never run upstairs.

The shower spurted nothing but blood. 

In the dark there were voices.

Hands reached from under the bed. 

Screaming won't help, they're still coming. 

He always watched through her window. 

Secrets were kept in that basement. 

The clown had the last laugh. 

Sleep with one eye open tonight.

Now, it's your turn!
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Written by Canyon Creative

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