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Six-Word Stories: LUCK


March 14, 2017 | Written by Canyon Creative

Luck is what you make of it. Good or bad. You can find it in the last free sample, in a near-death experience, or a chance encounter. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, get out your four-leaf clover, stay away from ladders, read our take on what LUCK means, and share your own six-word story.  

Knock on wood, kiss a rock.

Toss a coin into a fountain.

Harder I work, luckier I get. 

Last one in my size?!  YES! 

"There is currently no wait." - DMV

"PHEW!" - Cat on its 9th life. 

Thanks officer, it won't happen again 

A bird just pooped on me.

Free donuts? It's my lucky day!

 I had a fighting chance. Once.

 Fortunate circumstances; a twist of fate.

 Kismet came calling. Oh, lucky me.

 Roll of the dice. Boom. Yaaaaaas.

 That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

 Serendipity, my destiny. What comes next?

This little family is all mine.

Everyday I see a new discovery.

He wants to touch the rainbow.

Laughs, love, friendship, family and life

If it weren’t for bad luck…

Four? No, three. The search continues.

Lucky again. I am fortune’s fool.

You were right. Don’t press it.

Luck or skill? Does it matter?

You’re gonna do what? Good luck!

Wear green or be pinched. Ouch! 

Lucky in love. Lucky in life.

Rockstar parking achieved. Feeling lucky tonight!

Green beer and shamrocks – lucky night.

A leprechaun walks into a bar…


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Written by Canyon Creative

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