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Six-Word Stories: Creativity


May 16, 2017 | Written by Canyon Creative

Creativity comes in many forms. Whether it’s trying out new recipes, building things with your hands, or playing an instrument, we all have the ability to create. Find that “thing” that inspires you and go for it. Go for it with full force and spread that inspiration to others. And when you’re feeling stuck, remember that even renowned artist Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime and Mark Twain didn’t write Huckleberry Finn until he was 49. Start creating now by sharing your six-word story about Creativity with us.

The secret to creativity? Controlled chaos.

Open your mind. Move your hands.

Write for the sake of writing.

Want to create? You already have.

Math for artists: Inspiration + Motivation

Oh, the thinks you can think.

Hammer, pen, paintbrush, or love. Create!

Creativity springs from a well within.

When you create you are alive.

Inspiration is everywhere. Just look around.

We all have it in us.

Create that which you love most.

Pixie dust, gumption and good luck.

Magic happens, just wait and see.

Kitchen, canvas, journal; yours to choose.

To start is half the battle.

Never stop learning, never stop creating.

Find an escape through your creations.

Now, it's your turn!
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Written by Canyon Creative

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