Canyon Creative Unveils New Website for American Locker

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April 28, 2016 | Written by Christian Mielnik

Canyon Creative announces the launch of a new website for American Locker. Widely known for their iconic key with the orange plastic cap, American Locker has set the industry standard by delivering customized storage, distribution and inventory management solutions for over 85 years.

Their parent company, Cole Kepro International LLC, turned to Canyon Creative for help in improving their online visibility. Our team of designers, copywriters and programmers created a website that not only better captures their brand, but creates a richer, more streamlined experience for all users. 

Chris Colwell, SVP of Sales, commented, “It was essential for American Locker to have a new site that had the proper modern architecture and content detail for all our site visitors. With the change in ownership, move to Las Vegas, a refresh of product content, and need to set up for a fully automated shopping cart experience, tearing down the old to replace with new was essential. We are confident that as more SKUs become available in the American Locker portfolio, our guest experience will only become richer.”

Dale Sprague, President of Canyon Creative, added, “Our strategy for creating a robust, user-friendly site revolved around the idea of developing a more logical, intuitive interface. There are additional website upgrades underway and we are excited to be a part of making that happen.”

Canyon Creative is currently working with American Locker to add ecommerce functionality to the new website.  Expected rollout is 3rd Quarter in 2016.

Written by Christian Mielnik

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